About the Blog

Scarlett’s Very Virtual is a very new blog (as you can probably tell) and is still kind of ‘under construction’. I will be adding more varied content very soon, but I wanted to get the blog up and running asap, after creating my first blog post, so here it is! Future content will include lots of different types of themes and subjects – all based in SL of course, and if you have any type of project, business or anything else interesting in SL that you feel may of interest to the blog, please IM me in SL any time. I am planning on featuring varied subject matter. My first post is obviously fashion and avatar appearance related, but there will be lots of different stuff included, so please also check back regularly and don’t forget to follow Scarlett’s Very Virtual for updates of everything new! Also please don’t forget to leave comments. It’s really cool and fun when readers get involved, and feedback is always great to receive. Please be mindful about keeping comments respectful. Think that famous Socrates quote, “Is it true; is it kind, or is it necessary?” Let’s keep the positivity going! It’s been a rough year, which has impacted on us all, so my aim for the blog is to keep the negativity waaay on the low.

On that note, until my next ‘About the Blog’ update, take care and stay safe. ~ Scαrlҽtt. x